Robust, customized instrument for precise particle characterization.

Explorer Model SS5i: Single Inlet

The Polar Imaging nephelometer is AirPhoton’s most unique and highest-grade instrument that is only manufactured in a yearly build. This robust, precise instrument has the unprecedented ability to measure aerosol light scattering and provide information on particle morphology in real-time. Furthermore, it is able to classify aerosols by type such as dust, biomass burning, and biogenic aerosols.

Polar Imaging Nephelometer includes:

  • Size Distribution and Complex Refractive Index
  • Full Particle Characterization
  • From Hyper-angle Scattering Measurements
  • Measures light scattering from 3° to 176 °
  • Angular resolution of less than 1°
  • Standard configuration is 2 Visible Wavelengths
  • Can be customized for 1 – 3 wavelengths
  • GRASPTM software analysis package
  • Retrieves size distribution, percent
  • Sphericity and complex refractive index

This is a high grade custom-made instrument. Typical lead time is ~9 Months.

Learn more about the Polar Imaging Nephelometer through our publications here

Note: Our polar imaging nephelometer is not a “plug and play” instrument. Users are required and will be given training by AirPhoton in order to properly use this device.